The problem

Proper disposal of expired or unused medications is a growing problem nationwide. Flushing medications in the toilet delivers them to the public water supply. Throwing away in the garbage, even when concealed by kitty litter or coffee grounds in a plastic bag, can make them available to unintended users. Community drug take-back events are infrequent and may not be accessible by some residents.

The solution

Element MDS was created to help eliminate these problems – with a method that’s easy, safe and affordable.

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Who should use Element MDS?

While Element MDS was originally created for hospice and health care organizations, it is also a perfect fit for community coalitions, law enforcement agencies, landfill organizations, funeral homes and more.

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Hospices and Other Health Care Organizations

Hospice organizations enjoy numerous benefits with Element MDS. The kits are convenient to transport in nurses’ vehicles and look professional in a patient’s home. The process is fast and easy for nurses, giving them more time to care for patients or tend to other activities. Administrative tasks are streamlined with a customized medication disposal strategy, including policy development, regulatory and compliance management, documentation and education.

Community Coalitions

Community coalitions appreciate how Element MDS complements their efforts to prevent medication misuse, abuse and contamination of the public water supply. Because the kits can arrive individually packaged and ready for immediate use, they can be quickly and easily distributed to residents. With a minimum purchase, the kits can be customized with an organization’s logo.

Take-Back Alternative

Community take-back events, a specific day when residents can “take back” medication to a specific location for collection and bulk incineration, are an effective medication disposal option. However, because they are infrequent, what do residents do with their medication until the next take-back program? What if residents are not able to get to the event or feel uneasy about attending one? The answer – Element MDS.

“Element MDS is a safe, at-home disposal system that provides an opportunity to educate community members about the environmental impact of improperly disposing of medication... and helps create awareness about the importance of safeguarding current medications in the home, to prevent the opportunity for medication misuse and abuse – especially youth.”

Cassandra Holloway

Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition

“Our patients and their families are increasingly aware of the issues associated with flushing medications. Many have expressed concern. Element MDS allows staff to dispose of medication in an efficient and compliant manner. Our nurses love it.”

Janett Green

Executive Director Hospice of Southern WV

“Every homeowner needs to have one of these kits.”

Sherrie Hunter

Director of Education, Raleigh County Solid Waste Authority

“Element MDS is very convenient and simple to use. Our nurses are delighted with it.”

Lea Ann Cline, R.N.

Clinical Supervisor, Bowers Hospice House.