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Element MDS comes in a one-use container that was created to properly and safely dispose of unused or expired medications. Don’t risk letting unused medication fall into the wrong hands. Safely and easily dispose of medication using Element MDS.

Who should use Element MDS?

Health Care Organizations

Health care organizations—from hospitals to hospices—enjoy numerous benefits with Element MDS. Many hospitals use Element MDS to dispose discontinued or expired medications. Some even provide Element MDS as part of the discharge process to encourage their patients to responsibly dispose their prescriptions. Hospices love Element MDS because it is convenient to transport in nurses’ vehicles and looks professional in a patient’s home. In any scenario, the process is fast and easy, giving staff more time to care for patients.

Element MDS will even work with you to develop a customized medication disposal strategy, including policy development, regulatory and compliance management, documentation and education. Contact us to learn more.

Community Coalitions

Community coalitions appreciate how Element MDS complements their efforts to prevent medication misuse, abuse and/or contamination of the public water supply. Because Element MDS offers individually-packaged and ready-for-immediate-use options, organizations can quickly and easily distribute a quality medication disposal solution to its residents.

With a minimum purchase, Element MDS can be customized with an organization’s logo and messaging. Contact us to learn more. 

Take-Back Alternative

Community take-back events encourage residents to bring medications for bulk disposal to a specific location on a specific day.  This is an effective medication disposal option. However, because these events are infrequent and sometimes inconvenient, what do residents do with their medication until the next take-back program?  Element MDS can be used at any time.  It is the perfect option for individuals to safely and effectively dispose unused medication in the convenience of their own home.